Banking services 

Simple, fast and convenient daily banking services 

Banking packages

Extremely beneficial options for your day-to-day banking

  • DYNAMIC - all your daily banking in one package with multicurrency account, payments, card and many other benefits

  • CONVENIENT -  access to internet or mobile bank on the go and use it via modern and safe Mobile Digipass

  • DIFFERENT - enjoy the extra benefits: up to 5% interest on the card's account and 5% money back for purchases at petrol stations around the world


Whatever your need is - we have an account for you

  • PAY - daily banking with fast, secure payment processing and online access to all your transactions

  • INVEST - achieve your dreams and goals with more earning potential thanks to our investment programmes


Be in control of your finances

  • STANDARDS - international payments using SEPA, IBAN, BIC

  • SERVICE - quick and reliable payment execution

  • CHOICE - payments in world's major currencies


Selection of cards with many advantages

  • RELY - all over the world and highly secure

  • CHOOSE - various types of cards and currencies

  • BENEFIT - additional extras make our cards even more attractive