BlueOrange Life

Live in Style!

Paying with a BlueOrange card is now more profitable than ever thanks to our client loyalty programme – BlueOrange Life.

BlueOrange Life is a set of discounts and special offers that provides a range of privileges to BlueOrange card holders. The benefits it brings will depend on the card type and the number of offers you use. The closer you work with BlueOrange, the greater benefits you get.

BlueOrange Life for loyal clients will grow to reflect clients’ needs and wants, so keep track of new partners, offers and deals!

BlueOrange Life Categories

*If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact BlueOrange Client Service Centre or call +371 67 031 333.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Any BlueOrange card holder can become a member of BlueOrange Life. Not a BlueOrange client yet? Apply!

The BlueOrange Life loyalty programme is effective from 20/06/2017 indefinitely. Each offer may have its effective period, which is displayed on the page for the relevant offer.

You can apply for a BlueOrange card on our website or in Client Service Centre.