BlueOrange loan benefits:

Quick decision-making

Flexible loan repayment schedule

Funding for various industries

Special BlueOrange loan programme for small and medium enterprises

  • Loans between EUR 50 000 and EUR 300 000

  • Use real estate or other company assets as collateral

  • If collateral is unavailable, possible to secure guarantee from AS “Attīstības finanšu institūcija Altum”

Available types of loans to meet different business goals:

Long-term loan

Purchase and modernisation of fixed assets (equipment),
as well as purchase and refurbishment of real estate.

Credit line

Replenishment of current assets,
including the extension of export markets.


Availability of credit resources in your company's current account
to address a temporary shortage of funds.

Bank guarantee

Provisioning in order to meet your company’s commitments
to third parties or participate in a tender,
or make an advance payment.

Important update for borrowers

Loans for business development for up to EUR 25 million

  • Purchase of fixed assets (real estate, vehicles, equipment)

  • Modernisation of production processes and introduction of new technologies

  • Increase in working capital

  • Financing of existing credit obligations

  • Financing of export operations

Companies that choose BlueOrange as their financial partner

  • ZS Bukas

    The farm „Bukas” has received a loan from bank
    in the amount of EUR 674,6 thousand,
    which will be used for the reconstruction of
    the cattle farm — the construction of the barn,
    as well as the purchase of modern dairy equipment.

  • Liepziedi

    Smart, high-quality real estate projects
    with great infrastructure is a promising
    field, which BlueOrange actively credits.

  • Mārupes nami

    Second stage of the construction of the
    multi-apartment building project "Mārupe nami"
    has started in Mārupe with BlueOrange
    providing the funding of € 3.7 mil.


    SIA “LENEK”, napkin manufacturer from Latvia,
    has received funding from BlueOrange Bank
    in the amount of 670 thousand EUR
    for business development purposes.

  • Agerona

    BlueOrange has granted €14 million
    to the grain wholesale company “Agerona”
    for financing its agricultural trade transactions.

  • Sakret Holdings

    In addition to the funding, BlueOrange
    arranged for the issue of Sakret's secured
    bonds in the amount of of €3,8 million.

  • Olainfarm

    BlueOrange provides funding for
    one of the largest companies in Latvia,
    contributing to its development and growth.


    BlueOrange promotes the development
    of the fishing company VARITA.

  • Skai Baltija

    “Skai Baltija” sets up a new meat
    production plant with the support
    of BlueOrange.

  • iCotton

    BlueOrange supports the construction
    and development of a new production
    plant of a company “iCotton” in Liepaja.

  • Jūrmalas autobusu satiksme

    BlueOrange lending supports
    development in public transportation.

  • Filozofu rezidence

    BlueOrange co-finances the project
    in the amount of 9.5 million euros.

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