Classic MasterCard

Classic MasterCard

Card for individuals who devote 
a lot of time for work and travel

Card benefits

Interest on your card

Make your money work. Simply make at least 5 purchases per month with your card and receive 5% interest on your card's balance (benefit is available for LV residents only).

Money back

Get 5% money back from your purchases from any petrol station around the world. Just pay with your Classic BlueOrange card (benefit is available for LV residents only). 

Interest-free credit

Apply for the credit limit allocated by the bank and make repayment up to the 20th day of the next month and stay flexible. You may also choose full loan repayment at any time with mandatory payment is 5% of the amount spent on credit during the previous month with standard interest fees.

Purchase insurance

Purchase insurance is a way to minimise unpleasant consequences by receiving reimbursement for damaged or lost goods that you pay for using a BlueOrange credit card.

Additional services

You may apply for travel insurance by paying additional cost of 30 EUR per card / per year. Check coverage for BlueOrange Classic Mastercard here.

Please refer to the documents to get additional information about travel insurance included in your payment card:

- What to do in the case of an accident?

- Travel Insurance Terms and Conditions

To subscribe to this service, please follow these steps:

- submit a free form application to your private banker or via our Internet Bank, specifying:

Phone number (with country code) to which notifications should be sent;

Payment card number;

Payment card designation (a label freely selected by the client).

Once the service is connected, the specified phone number will receive an activation message.

You may define the minimum amount about which notifications will be sent for approved and/or cancelled transactions.

The fee for sending one message is EUR 0.06/USD 0.06/GBP 0.05/RUB 5.00.

Receive available balance information at any time. Just send a text message to the number from which transaction notifications are received, specifying BAL ХХХХ.

To receive a list of the latest transactions with your payment card, send a text message specifying TRX XXXX.

To replenish a Payment Card Account via Phone service the transfers from the Current Account to the Payment Card Account will be done. The procedure complies with customer identification and security requirements.

To enable this service, send a filled-out Application for Replenishing a Payment Card Account via Phone, specifying the phone number from which calls will be made, the Payment Card Account number and a password.

Please refer to the documents to get additional information about purchase insurance included in your payment card:

- Purchase Insurance

- Purchase Insurance Terms and Conditions

Apply for the card now

Please fill in the below form and we will get in touch with your shortly regarding your card.