Our HR policy

In our work we follow the rule of 12 with 6 characteristics of the candidate 
and 6 principles of employment.

Perfect candidates

  • Have successful work experience with a major financial institution or private wealth management company 

  • Take initiative and are responsible for the results; have goal oriented mindset

  • Are clear in understanding of one’s role in implementing our bank’s strategy and mission and possess personal and business qualities consistent with our bank’s values and principles

  • Hold degree from a leading educational institution; learning capacity and a desire to expand one’s knowledge 

  • Possess strong communication and problem solving skills; are emotionally intelligent

  • Apply strong leadership skills and have ability to work well both in a team and individually, express compassion and provide assistance to colleagues

Our key principles of employment

  • To conduct interviews involving bank management and specialists in their area

  • To maintain an in-house centralised system for seeking and employing new staff via our Head Office in Riga

  • To attract the best specialists in their fields and select candidates who strive towards further professional growth, well-earned compensation based on a contribution to profits 

  • To provide training and acquaint new employees with the Bank’s activities

  • Fair evaluation and no discrimination at any stage of the recruitment process 

  • To employ people based on recommendations, especially for senior executive positions and Private Bankers and possess exceptional business and interpersonal skills