Cookie policy

AS BlueOrange Bank (hereinafter referred to as “BlueOrange”) uses cookies on its website A cookie is a small text file stored by the website on your computer or mobile device when you visit.

Cookies are stored in your web browser’s (e.g. Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Opera) file storage folder on the visiting end-user’s device.

The next time that the same website is visited, the browser reads the cookie from its storage and sends information back to the website that provided the cookie initially. Cookies present no threat to the website visitor’s computer.

By visiting the website, a user consents to cookies being stored on the visiting end-user’s device and used in accordance with this cookie policy.

How do we use the cookies?

Our website mostly use cookies to simplify user interactions. They allow our servers to recognise your preferences when you access a page, automatically adjusting the content to suit your needs. Cookies help us find out what our visitors want to see. They also provide us with anonymous usage statistics to evaluate and improve website performance.

BlueOrange uses the following types of cookies in order to improve the functionality of and simplify usage:

• session cookies – temporary cookies deleted when you close your browser. Session cookies allow the website to remember your selections on a previous page, so that you never have to re-enter information;

• persistent cookies – these cookies are saved on the visiting end-user’s device with a randomly-generated number after leaving the BlueOrange website. They remain in use until they expire or are deleted intentionally (depending on the period of time for which they are programmed to persist). They can be used to identify whether you are a frequent user to our website, adapt our content to you, or collect anonymous statistics;

• first-party cookies, or tracking cookies – cookies stored by the exact website that the user visits. It allows the website to assign a unique identifier to the user, saving the cookie in the user’s browser or device storage, tracking the user’s journey within the website;

• third-party cookies – BlueOrange relies on cookies provided by third parties, such as Google, to serve ads and optimise marketing communications. Third party advertisers use cookies stored on an end-user’s device in order to evaluate the effectiveness of their ads and adapt the content of current ads to better suit the user. Information collected by third party advertisers may include such data as IP-address based geographic location.

We assume our website users’ consent to the use of cookies if their browsers accept cookies.

Monitoring and deleting cookies

You can keep track of cookies on your device and delete them if you wish. To find out more, please go to You can delete all cookies from your computer or mobile device, and most modern browsers can be configured to block new cookies.

Please note that declining our cookies will limit the availability and usefulness of website services and features. You will be unable to store personal preferences or execute transactions online.


BlueOrange reserves the right to modify this cookie policy at any time. The website visitor is obliged to regularly review the content of this webpage to get acquainted with any updates or modifications made to the cookie policy.