Build your successful business online 

What we offer

  • Flexible integration and price policy

  • Multicurrency acquiring services

  • 3D-Secure transaction protection

  • Customized antifraud protection

  • Card data protection according to PCI DSS 3.2 standards

  • MOTO acquiring solution for e-merchant’s Call-center

  • Customized recurring payments and e-invoicing

  • Remote access to transaction statistics and e-merchant portal


Affordable prices

  • Individual pricing for each e-merchant

  • Special prices for low-risk merchants

  • Fast evaluation and proposal preparation

Advanced e-merchant portal

  • Downloadable list of transactions

  • Handy statistic tools

  • Refund interface

  • MOTO interface

Why e-commerce

E-commerce is VISA or MasterCard card payments’ acceptance at e-merchant website

  • Average EU adult resident possesses at least 2 payment cards in a wallet

  • At least 74 % of EU adult residents made at least one purchase online during the last year

  • E-commerce sales volume grow much faster than offline retail purchases

  • E-shopping attracts new high income buyers and increases buyer's loyalty

  • Online purchases have higher average amount in comparison to offline

  • Online shop has lower operational costs versus retail

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