Alternative form of financing

Bond issue by the company to raise financing

Advantages of Corporate Bonds

Debt securities issued by company in order to borrow money from investors for a specific period of time

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    Access to significant amount of funding and diversification of investors' base 

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    Discretion in setting interest rates (fixed or floating); possibility of early redemption of issue

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    Increased company recognition and establishing public credit record

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    Corporate bonds is tradable financial instrument

  • Relative independence from creditors, flexibility of tax and finance planning

  • Issue of bonds doesn't carry the risk of losing control over one's company, unlike the issue of shares  

  • Bonds are suitable for high risk, high return projects, M&A deals, working capital, bridge financing

  • Bond issue may be unsecured

Requirements for an issuing company

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  • The company must have conducted its core business for at least three years (exceptions are possible in special cases)

  • The last year’s financial report must be prepared in accordance with the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)

  • The company must have a clearly defined strategy and use of funds it wants to raise

  • The company must have professional management team and management must be willing to speak publicly

  • The minimum issue volume is EUR 200,000

Your issuing agent is BlueOrange
As the organiser of an issue we perform the following functions

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    Analysis of the issuer (due diligence), evaluation of market demand and determination of terms of the issue

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    Drafting of the necessary documentation and registration of the issue with the Depository 

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    Meetings with potential investors (also known as road shows)

  • Receiving applications from investors and setting the final parameters of the transaction 

  • Settlement between investors and the issuer. Final listing of the issue on an exchange

  • Maintaining liquidity on the secondary market

Corporate bonds

The professional team of BlueOrange has organized more than 30 bond issues for companies in various countries, check some actual corporate bonds offers organized by BlueOrange here.

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