Building investment advice on trust. Growing your capital on value.

Our extensive experience on financial markets has taught us to approach the investment process with the highest degree of responsibility, analytical precision, and care for the long-term return on investment.

Why work with BlueOrange

  • We apply state-of-the art financial theory and knowledge to the management of both conventional and alternative assets

  • We try to achieve competitive risk-adjusted returns and deliver superior diversification across asset classes and geographies

  • We are proud to be one of the most professional investment management teams in the region

  • We pick innovative investment solutions with out performance potential based on the risk-profile of each individual client

  • We pay great attention to the impact of global macroeconomic trends on our investment decisions and aim for absolute returns

Take advantage of a full-service wealth management offer

We provide a wide range of wealth management services with a promise of efficiency and confidentiality


Lay the foundations of your long-term prosperity

We create investment strategies tailored to the specific needs of a particular client, while providing investors with an opportunity to exercise control over the investment process


Achieve a complete diversification of risk associated with financial markets

Preserve and accumulate your capital by investing in the asset that has long been a symbol of wealth and prosperity 


Ensure your future financial stability through the accumulation of savings

Place your funds with a well-capitalized international bank regulated by the law of the European Union


Profit from superior returns provided by local issuers

Bonds underwritten by Baltikums Bank AS
Consider emerging market issuers to improve the diversification of your portfolio and capture a high absolute return


Participate in the capital of our bank

Bonds issued by Baltikums Bank AS
We provide you with a choice of fixed income securities issued by Baltikums Bank AS, ranging from senior unsecured to subordinated notes