Asset management

Investment solitions that feets your needs

Why choose BlueOrange

  • One of the most experienced teams of asset managers in the region

  • Individual and client-oriented approach to asset and capital management

  • Maximum transparency, simplicity and adequate control of the investment process for our clients

  • Open architecture for electing investment funds and alternative investment vehicles

  • We manage investment in major asset classes such as stocks, bonds, real property, and direct investment

Our asset management principles

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    Absolute revenue

    From the moment you entrust management of your funds to us we focus on absolute revenue. By providing consolidated client asset management, we also compare the performance of your investment to the market, to money market rates, to inflation, and to overall return on the client’s portfolio investments across different assets, companies and banks.

  • Active trust management

    We are convinced that trust management can add value. Successful investment requires a structured approach, a diversified portfolio consistent with the investor’s acceptable risk level. Active management of such a portfolio is a complicated process; many clients decide to rely on experts for advice.

Time saving and efficiency

Intended for investors who do not aim to get personally and actively involved in the investment process. 

We create an investment portfolio based on your specific goals, needs, risk perception, investment horizon and other parameters. 

We practice an individual approach to trust asset management. In every case, fundamental investment decisions - such as a shift in investment strategy or asset distribution principles - are conditional on the client’s consent.

Take control and make decisions

You make your own investment decisions based on a combination of personal knowledge and the advice from the wealth manager. 

The private banker makes no investment decisions without prior approval from the client. 

This service also includes analytical assistance and access to third-party products.

Diversify portfolio investment risks

We offer large selection of funds with strategies to suit any investment taste.

Our experienced investment managers continuously analyse the activity of international investment funds and can recommend both popular and so-called “niche” funds for diversifying our your portfolio investments. 

We offer: Funds that reflect a variety of strategies, Funds of funds, Index funds, Hedge funds.

Cooperation models
you select the most appropriate model for you

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    Individual investment portfolio 

    You define your own investment strategy and risk mitigation parameters, while the Bank ensures appropriate management.

  • Standard investment portfolio

    An investment portfolio with a standard strategy provides a selection of basic strategy choices developed by the Bank.