Asset Management

Investment solutions that fit your needs

Our team of investment professionals will work with you to create and manage an investment portfolio that is best suited to your individual needs and risk tolerance

We will construct and implement investment strategies that protect your capital while allowing for superior long-term growth

  • Portfolio that best matches your needs

  • Full spectrum of asset classes

  • Provides financial security

  • Outstanding performance results + 18.39%*

    *Average weighted return after all fees on assets under management for calendar year 2017. Past performance does not guarantee future results. 

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As a parent, you know that there is nothing more valuable than time spent with your child. And there is no time like the present to begin securing your child’s financial future

Benefits of Children's Investment Trust: 

- Long-term commitment

- Growth oriented

- Elastic contribution options

When you retire, your career will have had highs and lows. You will look back on how you conquered adversity, how hard you worked to win. You should also have enough assets in your investment portfolio to never have to work again

Benefits of Athlete Wealth Management: 

- Goal oriented long-term commitment

- Adjustable investment strategy considering point in the career

- Allows to ensure continued financial well being

Asset management performance

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*Average weighted return after all fees on assets under management for calendar year 2017. Past performance does not guarantee future results

Weighted average return reaches +11.05% in 2016

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November. Market overview

Our October 2016 results - The calm before the Trump

*Average weighted return after all fees on assets under management for calendar year 2016. Past performance does not guarantee future results


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Our team

Our team is comprised of investment managers and analysts with extensive experience in European and North American financial markets.

We also have partnerships with numerous global investment managers.

Pauls Miklasevics

Head of Client Portfolio Management

Pauls is Head of Client Portfolio Management at BlueOrange. He is responsible for the day to day decision making for client investments. Pauls has over 15 years experience in investment management. He began his career as an institutional equity trader at a boutique Canadian mutual fund firm and has spent the past 6 years managing investment portfolios for high net worth clients in Riga, Latvia. Pauls has a BA in Economics from Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada.

Kaspars Peisenieks, CFA

Portfolio Manager

Kaspars is responsible for the analysis, daily monitoring and trade execution for our investment portfolios. He joined BlueOrange as an investment analyst in 2013.Kaspars has a Masters degree in Finance from BA School of Business and Finance in Riga, Latvia, MBA from Swiss Business School in Zurich, Switzerland, and the CFA Institute’s certificate in financial analysis.


Cash and financial instruments placed in the trust account are held off the bank’s balance sheet. Thus even in the unlikely case of problems with a bank, your trust account will be safe and will by easily transferable to other financial institution.

This product shall be available to clients (also potential) subject to Bank’s evaluation of the suitability and appropriateness of the product to a particular client. Other restrictions and limitations may apply. Prior to making the decision to cooperate with the Bank or use of services provided by the Bank the client shall properly evaluate all risks related to such cooperation or use of services and receive professional legal or tax advice in the country of residence.

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