Mobile Digipass

A powerful code calculator on your smartphone

The mobile Digipass is one of the most advanced technological solutions available to people who use online banking services. It is an improvement over code cards and code calculators. We have developed a specialised app called Blue KEY, which you can install on your smartphone to authenticate transactions in the BlueOrange Internet Bank, wherever you go.

Advantages of the mobile Digipass

Mobile Digipass for Blueorange clients

Internet Bank operations are now easier, quicker and safer than ever

  • Generate single-use codes to access the Internet Bank and make transfers

  • Generate a digital signature to sign electronic documents

  • Use the app without going online
    (except “Scan for login” and “Scan for signature" functions)

  • Available for both iOS and Android phones

  • You can use the mobile Digipass with your personal account or to do company business online

  • Functions “Scan for login” and “Scan for signature" allow to log-in and work in Internet Bank faster and in a more convenient way

  • Authenticate using not only a password, but also a fingerprint (touch ID) and facial recognition (face ID)

  • Signing documents and messages in the Internet Bank using the functionality of pop-up messages on the mobile phone screen ("push notification")

How can you get the mobile Digipass?

Install our app

If you’re already a BlueOrange client, grab the mobile Digipass for your smartphone:

- iOS app on Apple’s App Store

- Android app on Google Play

Apply for credentials

Fill out a Digipass application and e-mail it to, attach it to an Internet Bank message, or use the form below.

Download the Digipass application 

Get informed

You will find everything you need to know to connect the mobile Digipass in your inbox or mobile phone.

If you’re already using a physical Digipass token, a mobile Digipass connection is subject to a one-time fee of EUR 25.

Apply for a mobile Digipass now!

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