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  • E-commerce solutions to grow your business

How to open an account remotely?


Fill out the forms in the Client Cabinet

Document review

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Remote identification

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Who can apply for remote account opening?

  • Latvian enterprises

  • EU enterprises

  • Enterprises registered in an EEA* country, Great Britain, and Switzerland

    Authorized persons of enterprises who are their representatives in the bank, as well as the BO** of the enterprise who is a resident of Latvia or an EU, EEA, OECD*** country.

    EEA* – European Economic Area
    BO** – Beneficial Owner
    OECD*** – Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development 

Why choose BlueOrange?

  • European, but local

    BlueOrange has been owned and successfully managed by Latvian shareholders for over 20 years. We live here and we make decisions here without waiting for an approval from partners or stakeholders abroad. At the same time, the bank holds a full EU banking license and operates in strict compliance with all relevant EU regulations.

  • Resilient

    BlueOrange maintains high liquidity year in and year out, and always has posted a profit since its inception in 2001. We keep our capital adequacy ratio well above the regulatory requirement. We have formidable experience in banking, a powerful team of professionals, and we grow together with our customers by building sustainable partnerships

  • Flexible prices, no hidden fees

    Our pricing model is competitive, transparent and flexible. No hidden fees, guaranteed. Each client is unique – we will always find the best pricing model for your business needs.

  • Fast

    We come from business and we know that time is money. With BlueOrange, your payments across Europe will be delivered lightning-fast with SEPA Instant, your business loan request will be treated as high-priority, and your everyday banking needs will be met with care and attention by our client relationship managers.

  • Easy to start online, pleasant to visit offline

    Although there is no need for you to visit our head office in Riga (and you can open a fully functional business account online), you’re always welcome to stop by for a cup of tea or coffee and share your thoughts on how we can work better together.

Benefits for our customers

24/7 banking

Easy to use internet bank and user friendly mobile app for everyday banking

Instant payments

Currency exchange on weekends and outside of business hours

Business loans

Expedited decision-making

Quick access to credit facilities

 Flexible solutions


A dedicated Client Relationship Manager will handle all of your banking needs

Merchant accounts

We deliver a wide range of
e-commerce solutions to online start-ups and experienced entrepreneurs

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