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Trusted taxi services by Red Cab

BlueOrange Life client loyalty programme provides discounts for taxi services from RedCab

Rīgas Taksometru parks has been providing reliable, high-quality taxicab services since 1948. Besides regular compact taxis, Red Cab currently operates vehicles suitable for children, people with special needs, and extra-spacious 8-seaters that are great for group rides or larger luggage. Riders enjoy free Wi-Fi access and mobile charging.

Call 8383 to book a taxi, display your BlueOrange payment card before the trip, and use it to pay for the ride for a discount:

• Rides inside the city: 16% off hiring fee, 6% off distance rate;

• Rides from the airport: 23% off hiring fee, 15% off distance rate.

The offer is valid if the card is shown to the driver before your trip starts. The rates cannot be changed once the ride has started, or after it ends.

Offer details

BlueOrange Life offers special conditions for Platinum, World Business, Gold, Business Gold, Classic, Business and Maestro card holders.

Paying with BlueOrange cards:

Discount for rides inside the city: 16% - hiring fee, 6% - distance rate;

Discount for rides from the airport: 23% - hiring fee, 15% - distance rate

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

The BlueOrange Life discount applies to hiring and the distance ridden, for rides inside the city and from the airport.

The BlueOrange Life offer applies to Red Cab rides booked by calling 8383 if the client displays a BlueOrange payment card to the driver before the ride begins, then uses the card to pay for the trip. The discount does not apply if the BlueOrange card is not presented to the driver before the ride begins, and rates cannot be changed once a ride has started, or after it ends.