About BlueOrange

The international hi-tech bank

Let's evolve!

In the modern world, banking should be as accessible and convenient as possible. 
We are able to combine innovative banking solutions and personalized service. By offering new financial services and products we develop ourselves and invite others to join us!

Simple and easy

We focus on simplicity, easiness and rapidity. When user-friendly technologies rock the world, managing your finance should also be possible with just a few clicks.

Anywhere and at any time

We combine highly personalized service and up-to-date technologies, which means you can use our service wherever you are.


Your needs change constantly, so do we. We try to be ahead of the trends so that you today can receive solutions others will only get to know about tomorrow.


We are taking courage of being the first to react to the changes in international business and as a result, you are provided by the most effective and advanced banking products.

What we believe in

  • Client centricity

    Work to earn clients’ trust and keep their interests at the core of our business

  • Experimentation

    Generate better ideas for better results: act, think, learn

  • Leadership

    Support personal growth, show appreciation for talent and achievement

Facts & Figures

19 Years

Four Latvian entrepreneurs founded the bank back in 2001. Initially supposed to be the bank for entrepreneurs only, later on it also established services for private customers.

Wide Geography

Started out in the Baltic region, we gradually expanded to the European markets.

214 employees

In 19 years, our team grew from 39 to 214 employees. We pay attention to setting up the environment that attracts the most talented specialists.

50+ products

Our services suit both private and corporate customers. We are keeping pace with the time providing hi-tech financial products and personalized service simultaneously.