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Investment advisory

Benefit from professional investment advice

  • Manage your own portfolio of financial securities with professional guidance

  • Receive timely advice on your portfolio, investment ideas and current situation on financial markets

  • Receive regular updates from your personal investment advisor

  • Make use of our in-depth analysis of investment ideas

The starting point for our cooperation is a detailed understanding of your priorities and financial needs in order to create a strategy for the management of your wealth. Depending on the goals of your investment, we agree on the asset allocation that ensures diversification and an appropriate return on capital.

Alternative investments

Get access to unique alternative assets available exclusively with us

  • Get a higher and/or dependable return on your investments

  • Diversify your portfolio away from traditional asset classes

  • Achieve the desired risk-return balance in your portfolio

  • Receive new alternative investment ideas

Derivative-based investment strategies for investors willing to achieve superior returns compared to fixed income securities without compromising capital protection.

• Earn a superior return

• Choose the preferred duration of your investment

• Protect up to 100% of your investment from market risk

• Decide on your own balance of risk and returns

• Choose from one of the available strategies or have our investment advisors draft a bespoke proposal based on your own idea

We offer convenient and appealing options for capital allocation in real estate through our network of partners

• Decide on the preferred form of investment

• Choose from a list of commercial and residential real estate properties and projects

• Secure a higher level of fixed returns and benefit from the growth of the European real estate market

We offer access to private bonds that we helped issue for our partners. These are investment products usually available to institutional investors only. Private placement bonds offer:

• Enhanced yields

• Fixed cash flows

• Increased diversification of market risks

• Covenant protections

This option would be appealing to investors with low short-term liquidity requirements who are looking for higher fixed returns. In order to appropriately evaluate associated risks, we provide extensive due diligence for these particular bonds.

Wealth planning

Implement a wealth management plan corresponding to your area of business or personal lifestyle goals with our assistance

  • We believe that wealth should be managed like a business

  • Constant control, monitoring and adjustment of key components 

  • Bespoke wealth management solutions, plans, and guidance

While drafting an individual plan, we take a detailed account of your current financial standing, your options and priorities, business, and personal goals. The formulation of a wealth management plan usually includes:

• Analysis and due diligence of your financials, measurement of your risk-aversion

• Consideration of the financial, legal, and tax aspects of your situation

• Creation of a long-term strategy for managing your personal finance

• Assistance in the implementation of the plan

• Timely revision of your plan conditional upon changes in market factors, your business, or personal circumstances

We believe that hedging against unfavorable developments is a crucial part of any healthy business, as well as of any proper investment plan where you always consider the alternative course of events. Protect yourself with us by:

• Using proper diversification

• Hedging against currency risks

• Hedging against unfavorable asset price changes 

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