Further improvement of the BlueOrange Leisure Area in Lucavsala

There used to be just an empty field on the right side of Lucavsala, on the very bank of the River Daugava. Two years ago, with the support of BlueOrange, this area was cleaned up, setting up an aesthetic leisure area with 15 different species of trees planted and three 4-meter-long benches of original design placed on the lawn. In the spirit of continuing the clean up and improvements at Lucavsala, last year the representatives of the Bank planted the sixteenth tree, while this year, a bi-colour maple was planted marking the Bank's 17th anniversary on 22 June.

The leisure area named after the Bank was officially opened in Lucavsala in June 2017. The Bank's charitable foundation gave it as a gift to the city of Riga, its inhabitants and guests.