BlueOrange Notes Issues

The Bank throughout its history has been actively raising debt capital from various investors. 

The Bank supports active dialogue with local and international investors by offering unsecured, structured and subordinated debt securities. To increase appeal of issues some of them were listed on a regulated market. 

The Bank may tap capital markets also in the future.

Senior, unsecured notes issues

Issue AmountCoupon rate %TermMaturity dateListing
3.855 mio. EUR6 months EURIBOR
+ 3.50%
2 years29.12.2006 / RedeemedNasdaq Riga
5.00 mio. EUR6.875 %3 years20.04.2009 / RedeemedNasdaq Riga
10.00 mio. EUR3 months EURIBOR
+ 3.00%
3 years02.02.2010 / RedeemedNasdaq Riga

Structured Credit Linked Notes

Issue AmountCoupon rate %TermMaturity date
0.70 mio. EUR3 months
RIGIBOR + 2.00%
2 years24.08.2009
Early redemption

Subordinated Notes Issues

Issue AmountCoupon rate %TermMaturity date
3.2 mio. EUR6%7 years12.11.2019
0.9 mio. USD6%7 years12.11.2019
0.1 mio USD6%7 years28.11.2021
10 mio. EUR6%7 years28.11.2021
10.48 mio EUR6%7 years24.04.2022
Ongoing subscription4%7 years15.06.2024