BlueOrange introduces first contactless ATMs in Latvia

February 26, 2018

BlueOrange Bank introduces first contactless ATMs in Latvia, highlighting yet another technology innovation in the financial sector. This year, the first five ATMs of this kind will be installed in Riga city centre, Old Town, and two major shopping centres.

“With contactless ATMs, cash withdrawals are easier and more comfortable. While providing all the basic functions like cash withdrawal and cash deposit (at ATMs with cash deposit function), as well as information on the last 10 card transactions, or card balance, such an ATM performs its functions much faster, since the number of actions is reduced to the minimum,” comments Egita Ērmane, the project manager at the BlueOrange Bank E-Commerce Department. “To use the contactless functionality, there is no need to insert a card into ATM, which makes it less likely for clients to forget their card in the device. However, PIN is still required to confirm operations, thus ensuring safety of transactions performed,” Egita Ērmane explains.

BlueOrange is among the first banks in the Baltic States to introduce their contactless ATMs. The first ATMs with contactless functionality and cash-out only for proprietary cards were introduced in 2016 by one of the Estonian banks.

“Our ATMs provide for cash withdrawals with Mastercard or Visa cards. For now, the ATM’s contactless function is available to holders of BlueOrange cards only. It is an advantage that we offer our clients, and it is currently the only limitation for clients of other banks. However, we will continue to work to be the first bank in the Baltic States to partner up our ATMs with other banks,” Ērmane adds.

On February 26 the new BlueOrange contactless ATMs will start providing services at the following locations in Riga: Smilšu iela 6 (at the corner of Aldaru Street) and Aspazijas bulvāris 22, in the building of Grand Hotel Kempinski (the entrance opposite the Opera House, ATM is available 24/7). In the next few weeks, BlueOrange contactless ATMs will also start functioning in shopping centres Alfa and Spice, as well as in the Bank’s Client Service Centre in Old Town, Jēkaba 2.

Ingrīda Šmite
Head of Public Relations and Communications Department