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Open a current account

Open current account online or at our branch

Open an investment account

Open an investment acount via internetbank

Start trading!

Trade thousands of instruments using voice brokerage services
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Competitive trading fees

European from 0.25%
US from 0.02$ per share
   As low as 0.10%   20 USD
    per contract, per side    

Forex & CFDs

Minimum deposit from 100 EUR

 7 asset classes available for trading

 Leverage up to 1:30

 Tight floating spreads from 0,8 pips

 Direct access to interbank liquidity – ECN model

 Professional trading platform BlueOrange FX

 Low volume-based commission

 Negative balance protection

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Stocks & ETFs

Invest in stocks and ETFs for capital appreciation or dividend income

Access to more than 20 stock exchanges worldwide

More than 1000 ETFs with wide range of strategies

Voice brokerage and electronic trading

Powerful trading platform – BlueOrange Trader/TWS (iOS, Android)

Trade stocks for as low as 2.5 cents per US share and 0.25% for European stocks

✓ Minimum investment from 10 000 EUR 


Fixed and regular income up to 10% per year

Wide range of government and corporate bonds

Diversification across different regions and currencies

Participation in Initial bond offerings

Wide network of global market-makers and broker-dealers

Financing against fixed income portfolio and repo transactions

Transparent pricing model without price mark-ups

Highly competitive commission from 0.10%

✓ Securities lending program

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Futures & Options

Trade a range of futures contracts across 30 financial markets

Access to CME, CBOE, LME, NYMEX, ICE, LIFFE exchanges

200+ contracts on metals, energies, soft commodities, bonds, indices

Hedge a position or speculate on price movement

Voice brokerage and electronic trading with DMA access

Professional trading platforms – CQG QTrader and BlueOrange Trader/TWS

✓ Commission from 20 USD per contract per side

Investment Funds

Investment funds are popular and efficient way of money saving

Professional money management by leading financial institutions

Wide range of funds, diversification across the globe

Variety of market strategies and asset classes

Liquidity. You are free to buy and sell every business day

✓ Start invest from 5000 EUR

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Securities Services

Opening and servicing securities account

Safekeeping of any types of financial instruments

Direct member of Latvian Central Depository and Euroclear

Clearing and settlement of transactions

Corporate action services

✓ Custody fee as low as 0.25% per year

Financing / Margin Loan

Loan against the collateral of publicly traded securities across your investment portfolio

The term of the margin loan is from 1 day to 1 month

The Margin Loan could be renewed automatically

Repay margin loan anytime without charges

Financing up to 90% of securities market value

Interest rate from 2.75% for EUR and 4.75% for USD

✓ No fees for taking out and repaying a margin loan

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Interest rates
Indicative interest rates for margin loans

Type of instrumentsInstrumentsRatingInterest rate
USDCash-2.75% + BM
USDStocks, ETFs-7.00% + BM
USDBondsAAA+ - A-2.75% + BM
USDBondsBBB+ - BB+3.25% + BM
USDBondsBB – B+3.75% + BM
EURStocks, ETFs-7.00%
EURBondsAAA+ - A-2.75%
EURBondsBBB+ - BB+3.25%
EURBondsBB – B+3.75%

BM (Benchmark) - 1 month USD LIBOR

Financing collateral level

The list of securities that can be used as collateral for the loan

Type of instrumentsMaturityRatingFinancingInitial marginMaintenance margin
Bonds< 5 yearsAAA – A-92%8%5%
Bonds5 – 10 yearsAAA – A-90%10%5%
Bonds10 – 30 yearsAAA – A-85%15%10%
Bonds< 5 yearsBBB+ - BB+80%20%15%
Bonds5 – 10 yearsBBB+ - BB+75%25%20%
Bonds10 – 30 yearsBBB+ - BB+70%30%25%
Bonds< 5 yearsBB – B+70%30%25%
Bonds5 – 10 yearsBB – B+65%35%30%
Bonds10 – 30 yearsBB – B+60%40%35%
Stocks, ETF's--50%50%

Information on investor protection and regulation

BlueOrange offers a full range of asset management and banking services, including investment management, and the purchase, sale and safekeeping of financial instruments.

Detailed information about investor protection and regulations for Client, who are using investment services provided by AS BlueOrange Bank