Business loans

Best financial solutions to expand and manage your business

By choosing BlueOrange Bank as the financial partner for the realisation of your plans, your business will benefit from the opportunity to conclude profitable contracts without any delays, modernise and expand the production process, introduce new technologies and improve its competitiveness.

We offer lending to your business for the following purposes:

Purchase of fixed assets (real estate, vehicles, equipment);

Modernisation of production facilities and introduction of new technologies;

Increase of working capital; Refinancing of current liabilities;

Financing of credit liabilities;

Financing of export operations.

Minimum lending amount — EUR 300 000.

Customers who already use our lending services operate in the following sectors of economy — food industry, woodworking, fishing, construction, real estate, logistics, warehouse management, wholesale trade, shipping, and others.

BlueOrange Bank is actively cooperating with the development finance institution ALTUM. 

Basic lending conditions

  • Experience in the respective business area — at least 2 years;

  • Sound financial performance indicators;

  • Good reputation.

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