Credit line 

A flexible loan against real estate collateral

Our credit line solution is the most suitable if you:

- Need financing for the first instalment to purchase your new home, using current home as collateral
- Have bigger plans and need extra financing for major expenses

What we offer

Financial solution for your bigger plans with special conditions*

  • Competitive interest rates from 3.0%

  • Credit line up to EUR 100 000

  • Pay interest rate on the amount actually drawn

  • Evaluation of your application within 3 days free of charge

    *Offer is available for Latvian residents

How to get a credit line?

Just 4 simple steps

Prepare documents

 - Fill out a loan application

- Get a property appraisal (see  the list of appraisers below)

- Print out a bank account statement for the the last 6 months

- Print a statement of income for the current and previous year from the State Revenue Service (for loans of over 37,000 euros)

Submit documents 

- Submit documents online or set up a meeting with a loan officer:
Viktorija Voroncova
Ph. + 371 67031 488

- Come to BlueOrange with your passport or ID document

* As BlueOrange customer you may use internet bank to submit all documents

Receive a response

- We will make a decision on your application within 3 business days after all documents are received

- We will inform you and agree on the procedure for signing the loan agreement

- If additional documents are required we will let you know

Receive a loan

- Sign loan documentation at the bank

- Visit a notary to file for mortgage registration in the Land Register (we can arrange a representative of the bank to do this on your behalf) 

- We will transfer the loan to your account within 1 day following registration 

Credit line conditions
Credit line against real estate collateral

New apartments and houses,  apartment in renovated and reconstructed houses;
Secondary and mass housing apartments (living area up to 120 sq.m), houses
Riga and Riga region 
Interest rate on the credit line actually used
From 3% + 6M EURIBOR
Interest rate on the amount reserved
Credit line amount
From EUR 10 000 up to EUR 100 000
Up to 50% of the market value of the property
Repayment term
3 years
Repayment of the credit line
At the end of the agreement term
Processing commission
0.8% of the credit line amount
Preconditions for the receipt of the credit line
Stable and regular income, positive borrowing history. Borrower should be Latvian resident.
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Rely on complete financing when purchasing a home

Combine our credit line and home loan product and get 100% financing for the entire purchase amount at attractive interest rates

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