Fixed Income securities – alternative investment to bank deposit

What we offer

  • A wide range of government, municipal and corporate bonds in different currencies

  • Analytic support and personal investment advisor; access to primary markets

  • Access to fixed income primary markets; min investment from 50000USD

  • Best prices from leading market-makers, fixed income brokers and multiple bond market centers

  • Transparent pricing and „Best Execution" principles, low commission from 0.20%

  • Financing against fixed income portfolio and Repo Transactions

Wide network of counterparties

  • Goldman Sachs

  • Credit Suisse

  • Credit Agricole

  • VTB Capital

  • Sberbank CIB

  • Oppenheimer

  • ED&F Man

  • ICAP

  • Bofa Merrill Lynch

  • Renaissance Capital

  • Banca IMI

  • Deutsche Bank

Financing and repo transactions

Easy to borrow

Access to cash when you need it. We provide you ability to borrow from 50% to 95% against the value of your investment portfolio.

Leverage your profit

A client can borrow cash in order to finance a long position in securities and leverage profit in a rising market.

Various securities

Thousands of globally traded securities have been approved as collateral for financing: government and corporate bonds, eurobonds, stocks and investment funds.

Different currencies

We provide financing in different currencies:

Repo terms

RatingMaturityLoan limit to market valueInitial marginMaintenance marginMargining
AAA - AA+<5 years95%5%3%1.50%
AAA - AA+5-10 years92%8%5%1.50%
AAA - AA+10 years90%10%5%1.50%
AA - A<5 years92%8%5%2.00%
AA - A5-10 years90%10%5%2.00%
AA - A10 years85%15%10%2.00%
BBB+ - BBB-<5 years80%20%15%3.25%
BBB+ - BBB-5-10 years75%25%20%3.25%
BBB+ - BBB-10 years70%30%25%3.25%
BB+<5 years75%25%20%3.25%
BB+5-10 years70%30%25%3.25%
BB+10 years65%35%30%3.25%
BB- - B+<5 years70%30%25%4.25%
BB- - B+5-10 years65%35%30%4.25%
BB- - B+10 years60%40%35%4.25%

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