Additional funds for your rapid growth!

Paplašiniet savas biznesa iespējas
un piepildiet uzņēmuma ambīcijas ar mūsu aizdevumu palīdzību

Credit limit

Use the bank-provided credit and choose the type that best suits your needs: an interest-free credit for up to 50 days or a standard credit limit.

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Money back

The more you use your Mastercard World Business card, the more benefits you get! You receive 0.6% money back on every purchase you make with your card. The funds are returned once per quarter for transactions made in the previous quarter. 

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Priority Pass for your convenience

  • Guaranteed access to VIP lounge areas regardless of your travel class and airline.

  • Valid in more than 700 airports in 100 countries.

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Mastercard Assistance

Round-the-clock support service offering solutions and assistance in situations,
when your Mastercard gets stolen or lost during your trip

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 Lost and stolen card reporting

 Lost and stolen card registration in the international Stop list

 Possibility to receive emergency cash advance

 Emergency card replacement

Mastercard Global Services are available in more than 75 countries:

  • In case of an accident, any cardholder wherever they are can easily, conveniently and quickly contact Mastercard Global Services, and get the answer in their preferred language