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Contacts for media

For press and media questions please contact our PR:

Ingrida Smite
Head of Public Relations and Communications department 


For advertising questions please contact our Digital Marketing:

Natalija Kuzmina
Chief Marketing Technology Officer


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BlueOrange brand guidelines

Brand guidelines

Please consider to use downloadable materials from BlueOrange in your publications – we provide our logo and brand guidelines.
Kindly note that our logo may only be used with consent from BlueOrange Digital Marketing Department. 
Please contact for permission approval. 

Brand message

The bank has selected BlueOrange, an unusual combination of words, for its brand identity to intentionally place focus on being different.

The colour blue, a staple of technology, is combined with the colour orange – a symbol of organic growth – to create new associations: the bank is a financial institution that is ready for new solutions, ready to develop according to the future needs of the market.

The brand logo is designed as an arrangement of small points which, at a digital level of perception, symbolise a whole that is in constant development.

Read more about the Bank and our values.