BA School of Business Graduate Receives Baltikums Bank Award

July 01, 2015

Last Friday, on June 26th, the Baltikums Bank Award was presented for its second time at the BA School of Business and Finance graduation ceremony – received, with a true sense of pride, by Kalvis Vasks, who had just graduated from the Business Administration BBA programme at the BA School of Business and Finance. 

Kalvis Vasks earned the Baltikums Bank Award with his thesis, Issue Analysis within the Venture Capital Industry in Latvia. “The author of this paper has identified the sector’s major problems and provided practical suggestions for promoting its growth. Venture capital is one of the drivers of businesses and national economies. If its output is increased, everyone will stand to gain” was the comment during the award ceremony, as Kalvis was handed a cash prize and a symbolic bronze statue with the motto – “By joining forces, we can rise to a new level of excellence. Together we can conquer the world”.

The award was presented to Kalvis vasks on behalf of Baltikums Bank by its Investment Portfolio Manager Kaspars Peisenieks (pictured right), himself a graduate of the Bachelor of Finance BBA and International Finance and Banking MBA programmes at the BA School of Business and Finance. 

187 budding financiers and entrepreneurs received their BA School of Business and Finance on 26 June. 

The BA School of Business signed a long-term cooperation agreement with Baltikums Bank on 18 September 2014. The new agreement entails activities aimed at enhancing the content and format of studies at the BA School of Business and Finance, increasing access to studies, motivating students, and promoting research in finance. Baltikums Bank invested 7500 euros towards these goals during the 2014/2015 study year.

Ingrīda Šmite 
Public Relations Manager