Baltikums Bank issues bank bonds for EUR 20 mio.

April 24, 2015

On 24 April 2015, Baltikums Bank commenced a new issue of subordinated bonds of the bank totalling EUR 20 mio. with a term to maturity of 7 years and a coupon rate of 6% per annum. The initial offer will stand until 21 April 2017. This will be the ninth issue of bonds for Baltikums Bank and the most ambitious issue of bonds in the entire history of the bank’s operations. The previous issue of Baltikums Bank subordinated bonds, totalling EUR 10 mio., was sold out within a record time of just 4 months. 

“We are proud about the results of the last issue of our subordinated bonds. On the one hand, it affirmed the advantages of this financial instrument, while on the other hand, seeing the amount of trust our clients had was pure pleasure,” Baltikums Bank Chairman of the Board Dmitrijs Latiševs comments. “When they purchase bonds, investors are differentiating their investments, receiving both liquidity and stable profit, and exercising the opportunity to determine the amount of risk on their own, which nowadays is a particularly important factor,” Latiševs adds. 

The interest of clients for other types of investment offered by Baltikums Bank is also high. It provides a range of available options, from fixed-income instruments to investment in stocks, funds, and alternative assets. To find out more about the issue of Baltikums Bank AS subordinated bonds, please visit the bank’s website, contact your private banker, or call +371 67031444. 

Ingrīda Šmite
Public Relations Manager