Regarding Changes to the Composition of the Board at Baltikums Bank

October 09, 2015

Timed to the approval of a new period of authorisations of the Baltikums Bank Board, changes to its composition took place on 9 October 2015.

Mihails Kuzņecovs, head of the CRD Department and the Financial Markets Department, has been appointed Member of the Board. After more than a decade as Member of the Board, the bank’s EO Leonarda Višņevska is leaving her position and discontinuing her employment with the bank in order to devote her efforts to academic pursuits. She has been a member of the Board of the bank since 25 April 2003 and has been employed since 12 August 2002. 

Leonarda Višņevska has proven herself as a financial expert with independent professional insight, formidable experience and academic rigour in each position she held at the Bank – from head of the Internal Audit Service to Financial Director to CA and EO. Leonarda also has a habilitated doctorate degree in economics (Dr. habil.oec). 

Chairman of the Board, CEO Dmitrijs Latiševs and Member of the Board, CCO Inga Mukāne will continue to serve on the Board of Baltikums Bank.

New Member of the Board Mihails Kuzņecovs has joined the Baltikums Bank team in July 2013 as head of its Financial Markets Department, participating in client service. In August 2015, Mihails was promoted to head of the CRD Department and became more involved in developing the bank’s business. Mihails also manages the activities of the Baltikums Bank Investment Committee. 

Mihails Kuzņecovs is a highly qualified professional with fifteen years of experience in banking. He has authored a number of publications, participated in various TV live broadcasts, given lectures and organised international financial conferences. Mihails has professional degrees in economics and finance (RISEBA, Manchester College, Salford University).

Baltikums Bank management expects Mihails Kuzņecovs’ experience to inform his activities on the Board, contributing to bank development and expanding its operations on international markets.

Ingrīda Šmite
Public Relations Manager