The Baltikums Mobile Application – Banking in Your Telephone

October 14, 2015

Beginning in October, the Baltikums Bank is offering its clients a chance to use mobile banking services in their smartphones. 

Saving time is an issue that is becoming more and more important in the business environment, which is why businesspeople prefer to use services from those financial institutions which offer the most functional and secure distant services. 

The “Baltikums” mobile application ensures uninterrupted links to the bank, allowing users to manage their finances whenever they need to do so. They can track the status of their account, as well as make transfers and payments. Users of the app can also receive the latest information about the bank’s products and services, as well as the advantages that relate to make use of them. 

“We believe that one of our most important duties is to provide our clients with contacts with the bank and the handling of transactions via the Internet banking system in a more convenient, timely and secure way,” says Andrejs Lavrinovičs, Head of information systems development of the Baltikums Bank. “We are constantly thinking about how to develop our technologies so that we can provide ever more comfortable services to our clients. We also think about how to optimise the information flow for our clients, only emphasising the most important aspects of our services. Clients who use the mobile ‘Baltikums’ app can make transfers, deposit funds, conclude transactions, and obtain laconic information about the most timely and demanded bank products and services – information that is easily surveyed and utilised.” 

The “Baltikums” mobile application is already available on Android smartphones and will very soon be launched for iOS as well. People who wish to access the app must be clients of the Baltikum Bank’s Internet Banking system. 

Ingrīda Šmite
Public Relations Manager