Baltikums Bank delivers the new Digipass 310

April 18, 2016

This April, Baltikums Bank started giving its clients the Digipass 310 – a modern, convenient digital code calculator in a small form factor. 

„The new Digipass 310 has a number of advantages over its predecessor, the Digipass 700. For one, it is smaller, slimmer, and weighs only half as much. Everyday use and navigation are also simpler now. And the passwords it generates are more secure than ever,” explains Andrejs Lavrinovičs, head of the Information Systems Development Department at Baltikums Bank. “We are happy to be able to adopt the latest advances in technological development and offer our clients ever-safer and more convenient solutions” Lavrinovičs adds. 

Digipass 310 is among the newest models available in the industry – its introduction on the Latvian market began in 2015. Baltikums Bank is the third banking industry player in Latvia to deliver this device to its clients and improve their remote account management experience. 

Ingrīda Šmite
Public Relations Manager