BlueOrange acclaimed by Staro Rīga 2017

December 08, 2017

This year’s Staro Rīga Festival of Light entertained residents and guests of Riga for four nights – from 17 till 20 November. The BlueOrange building on Jekaba iela 2 also took part in the festival’s programme, dubbed “Riga Carnival”, for the first time. The Metamorphoses in Vecrīga light show on the building’s façade has received a letter of acclaim from the festival’s organisers.

As part of the BlueOrange creative offering, the house on Jēkaba iela 2 told the story of Old Riga over the centuries. Viewers saw how cinema had immortalised the brave defenders of Riga; special features were devoted to the story of elegant detective Sherlock Holmes and other notables from several generations – incorporating light, music, colour and acting into the carnival. Every 15 minutes, one of the balconies became a stage for reimagining iconic scenes from Latvian film. The BlueOrange building gathered many people throughout the festival, and was one of the few festival objects that inspired applause from the public.

The 2017 Festival of Light was attended by over 300,000 residents of Riga and Latvia, who were joined by many groups of fascinated foreign tourists.

BlueOrange Public Relations and Communications Department