BlueOrange clients switch to the mobile Digipass

January 09, 2017

In January 2017, BlueOrange launches its new Blue KEY mobile app for generating a unique password and digital signature using smartphones. The mobile Digipass will initially operate just like a physical token but make Internet Bank authorisation and remote transactions much easier, faster and more secure. Over time, other useful features will be made available to mobile Digipass users.

“Financial services should be as simple, convenient, and secure as possible. The Blue KEY app provided by BlueOrange offers exactly that. It is currently available to users of iOS and Android devices. With advanced methods of application security, Blue KEY provides utmost security and protection for client data.

BlueOrange employees have already appreciated the advantages of Blue KEY. This service is now completely free and available to every current and future client of the bank”, explains Andrejs Lavrinovičs, Head of the Information Systems Development Department at BlueOrange (Baltikums Bank AS).

The mobile Digipass is one of the most high-tech solutions available to internet bank users. BlueOrange is one of only five financial institutions in Latvia to give its clients the opportunity to use the full potential of this new device.