BlueOrange Life - Live in Style!

June 20, 2017

BlueOrange has created new opportunities for its clients! In June, we are launching a loyalty programme called “BlueOrange Life”, with the motto “Live in Style!”

Each BlueOrange client who uses a BlueOrange card for payments receives great offers and discounts. BlueOrange is the first bank in Latvia to offer money back as part of a loyalty system.

Below you can find a list of the inaugural offers with BlueOrange Life:

• make a hotel reservation on, pay with BlueOrange card and receive 3% money back on the amount you spend on accommodation;

• use Hertz car rentals in Latvia and abroad at a discount of up to 15%;

• buy organic Latvian cosmetics from Eliēr with exceptional discounts reaching 40%;

• get smarter with IR Workshops and pay 20% less.

Find out more about BlueOrange Life offers and conditions.

Over time, the BlueOrange Life loyalty programme will grow and develop to suit our clients’ business and lifestyle needs and interests. We welcome new partners and ideas for making our cooperation with clients even brighter and more fulfilled! If you have an offer in mind, get in touch with us: