Biometric technologies now in the BlueOrange mobile app

June 15, 2018

To enhance the BlueOrange mobile app experience, the Bank has made a number of improvements allowing clients to save time and rely on transaction security. The new version of the mobile app is equipped with biometric identification to allow authorisation with Touch ID and Face ID.

Biometric authorization using Face ID (the face recognition technology) will be available to owners of IPhone X, whereas authorization with a fingerprint can be used in all phones where such functionality is provided (TouchID for iOS and Fingerprint for Android).

In addition to the above innovations, our clients can already enjoy various convenient options like payment templates, Euro payments to EU countries, sending of account details, app integration with mobile Digipass BlueKEY and other enhancements. Clients just need to update their mobile application and mobile Digipass BlueKEY.

“Biometric identification is increasingly becoming a part of our daily lives – not only it saves time, but it is also a very reliable method since biometric data cannot be forged or transferred. The Bank employees who took part in testing of the new version of the mobile app have highly appreciated this feature, and now BlueOrange clients will be able to make their own assessment,” comments Jurijs Meitalovs, head of the BlueOrange Online Banking Division.

Visually, the BlueOrange mobile app will not change as the new identification method is designed so that all the necessary actions are intuitive. At the same time, clients can choose authorization and payment options as they prefer most, e.g. clients will still be able to use their PIN to sign into the app.