BlueOrange’s mobile app is more convenient and versatile than ever with the latest functionality upgrade

January 03, 2018

Here at BlueOrange, we are always working to make your interactions with the bank as comfortable as possible. With this update, BlueOrange has added some very useful features to its mobile application.
Clients can now enjoy the following advantages with the updated BlueOrange application in addition to tried-and-true functionality:

• connect to the app with your custom PIN;

• use templates and make transfers between your own accounts;

• view the list of your transactions;

• set up quick access to your account balance;

• write a message and upload documents for the bank;

• read our latest news;

• activate or block a payment card;

• check rates and exchange currency.

Becoming a BlueOrange mobile user is so easy

Install the free BlueOrange app from Google Play or the App Store. If already have our mobile app, just update BlueOrange to the latest version on Google Play or in the App Store to get the latest features.
Choose the preferred app authentication method – a physical Digipass token, a mobile Digipass with our powerful Blue KEY app, or your personal 4-digit PIN.
The BlueOrange mobile application is available in three languages – English, Latvian and Russian.

BlueOrange Information Systems Development Department