Addition of a new Board Member

June 13, 2019

As of 13 June 2019, Dmitry Feldman has been appointed as a new member of the Board of the Bank.

The Chairman of the Board and CEO Dmitrijs Latiševs, Chief Compliance Officer (CCO) Igors Petrovs and Member of the Board Inga Preimane continue their work as members of the Board.

Dmitry Feldman joined the BlueOrange team in 2010 and proved himself as a professional in several areas, such as managing investment sales, leading the team of private bankers and running a regional office of the Bank. Currently Dmitry is in charge of business development and servicing individual and corporate clients. Dmitry has a Master Degree in Business Management.

Dmitry Feldman will contribute to the professional competency and experience of the team of the Bank's Board with good and thorough knowledge and experience in the area of customer acquisition and servicing.