BlueOrange pays dividends

March 08, 2019

Based on the successful financial performance results of 2018, the bank's shareholders have decided to pay dividends from the Bank's audited profit for the year 2017. Dividends were paid in the amount of EUR 2 400 000.

“During the past period, BlueOrange has continued to develop dynamically in line with the strategy of the Bank’s business model adopted in previous years. The year 2018 was finished with a positive balance, and 2019 was started with clear future objectives and targets. The achieved results demonstrate stable performance of the Bank, justifying the decision on the payment of dividends,” says Dmitrijs Latisevs, the Chairman of the Council of BlueOrange.

According to unaudited data, BlueOrange Bank finished the year 2018 with a profit of EUR 7.4 million. The Bank’s income during the reporting period amounted to EUR 31.1 million. The Bank's equity reached EUR 66 million, which is a 10% increase compared to the last year. At the end of 2018, the Bank's total assets (incl. assets under management) amounted to EUR 648 million.

According to the data of the Finance Latvia Association, BlueOrange ranked among the top five most profitable banks in Latvia.