More than 60% of BlueOrange clients have opted for contactless payment cards

March 07, 2019

According to the data of the study (in Latvian and Russian) conducted by Mastercard and the Finance Latvia Association, 51% of the residents of Latvia have selected to use a contactless card and nearly 40% of them regularly use such cards for daily purchases. This type of payment card is even more popular among the customers of BlueOrange — more than 60% of our clients have opted for a payment card with this functionality.

The largest demand for contactless payment cards among the Bank's clients was evidenced in 2018, with the number of issued cards increasing by 40%. Such popularity was also boosted by the fact that in February 2018 BlueOrange became the first bank in Latvia to install ATMs for contactless payment cards.

The advantage of the contactless functionality is that it does not require the card to be placed in ATM, thereby reducing the possibility for the client to forget the card. However, the operation still needs to be confirmed by entering a PIN-code, making it perfectly safe.

Currently, BlueOrange contactless ATMs are installed in five locations in Riga — city centre, Old Riga, and several supermarkets. The information on the locations of the ATMs is available here.