Extra money

for your business development

An overdraft of up to EUR 25.000,00
is the best choice for small and medium enterprises

  • From EUR 5.000,00 to 25.000,00 (up to a monthly turnover) 

  • Without collateral (under the owners’ guarantee)

  • Interest rate from 10% per annum 

  • NO charge for the unused credit limit

  • Fee for granting an overdraft – 1% of the amount granted (min. EUR 100) 

  • Repayment period up to 1 year

BlueOrange can provide an overdraft for any needs of your company. 
Furthermore, your turnover can stay with your current bank.

You can apply for an overdraft if:

- your company has been carrying out economic activities for the last 18 months at least;

- the annual turnover exceeds EUR 70.000,00;

- equity capital ratio is not less than 10% of the total amount of balance sheet assets;

- total liabilities on the balance sheet do not exceed 60%;

- at least one owner of the company who is its beneficial owner resides in the Baltic states.

Find out the available amount and conditions within one business day!

After receiving the information, the bank representative will contact you within one business day. The offer will be drawn up for information purposes .If you are satisfied with the conditions, we will begin the overdraft procedure. 

What are the steps? 

1. Fill out the application

Please fill out the application and submit additional documents (such as reports on financial operations and current account statements for the last 6 months). This can be done in our Client Service Centre.

2. Sign the agreement

We will consider the submitted documents within two (2) business days. In the meantime, we will open a Current Account, to which the granted overdraft amount will then be transferred. Once the agreement is ready, it can be signed via the Internet Bank or in our Client Service Centre. As an option, our bank specialist can deliver the documents at a time and place convenient to you within Riga.

3. Receive money to the company’s Current Account

After signing the agreement, the amount will be transferred to your BlueOrange Current Account within one (1) business day.