The fastest service for payments around the world

Our specialists will plan a payment route to reduce the incidental expenses and process your operation fast

  • Developed payment systems for international transfers in world’s major currencies

  • Precision - we remit payments on the day of arrival, and transfer them as you specify – to the hour

  • Formidable network of partners and correspondent banks

Manage your accounts efficiently


Define specific parameters and the period of using this service


Control the operations are performed in due time and in the required amount


Save time – no more constant filing of payment orders

Regular payment

Asign the Bank to transfer funds from your account on a regular basis or when it is needed.

Works between accounts within bank or with any other bank.

To use the service, please fill in a Regular Payment Execution Application and submit it in person or via the Internet Bank.

Automatic balance maintenance

Sustain a specific balance on your account by automatically transferring funds from another one you hold by using predetermined parameters.

To use the service, you need to fill out an Application for Automatic Maintenance of Account Balance and submit it in person or via the Internet Bank.

Check IBAN code

To check whether IBAN code is correct please enter the number.