Precious metals

Invest or hedge your exposure with precious metals

What we offer

  • Physical gold bars

  • Unallocated precious metals account

  • Futures contracts

  • Metals Exchange Traded Funds

  • Margin Trading - spot Gold and Silver

Physical gold bars

Physical gold is an instrument for long-term investment and portfolio diversification. Invest in gold with no counterparty risk. Store precious metals in BlueOrange vault without balance-sheet risk.

Unallocated precious metals account

Simple form of investment in precious metals

Available currencies: Gold (XAU), Silver (XAG), Platinum (XPT)

Easy conversion of funds on the account into ounces of a precious metal

— Charges: brokerage fees as low as 1%, safekeeping fees 0.5% p.a.

No storage and delivery expenses

Precious Metals Exchange Traded Funds

 Precious Metals ETFs invest in gold, platinum, silver or palladium

Invest in precious metals in different currencies like in stocks

Freely tradable on US and European Exchanges

Low brokerage and safekeeping fees

DMA access to market via Electronic trading platform

Futures Contracts / Spot Gold and Silver

Futures contracts quoted on various regulated derivative markets

Leverage exposure – trade precious metals on margin

Suitable for active traders

High market liquidity with minimum spread

Posibility to hedge a precious metal position

Low, transparent commission and financing rates

Trade futures/spot metals via Electronic Trading platform

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