Safe deposit box storage
in Old Riga

Important documents or valuables are often more securely stored in a bank safe, where they are provided with a high level of protection. BlueOrange offers customers the largest storage facility in the Baltic States by area and number of safe deposit boxes: modern and reliable, designed to store items of various sizes.

  • Choose one of three sizes available - S, M or L

  • A safe deposit box can be rented for a period of 3 to 12 months. The service may be extended at the end of the term via the internet bank or in person at the Bank

  • You may choose to keep the key or to store it at the bank

  • Access to the contents of a safe deposit box will be granted to you and your authorized persons specified in the agreement

BlueOrange individual safe deposit boxes - a great deal!

We start the year 2019 with a particularly attractive offer — sign a 12-month contract and get the last three months for free. This special offer is valid for all customers who have applied for the service before April 1st.

Customers interested in renting a safe deposit box are welcome to our elegant Café Wien to discuss all the details over a cup of aromatic coffee.

By visiting the storage and becoming our client, you will experience a special treatment and enjoy the pleasant atmosphere of our Bank.

Pricelist for renting a safe deposit box

3 months6 months12 months
S (50x480x310)45 EUR80 EUR150 EUR
M (75x480x310)140 EUR180 EUR220 EUR
L (300x480x310)300 EUR400 EUR500 EUR

Terms and conditions

It is prohibited to place things (including objects and substances) into a safe deposit box, which may in any way cause damage to the safe deposit box, the contents of the safe deposit box, environment, the Bank, third parties and/or their property, including, but not limited to:

  • Icon blue and orange. Bullet points

    substances that may cause mildew, rust, rotting, or chemical reaction;

  • Icon blue and orange. Bullet points

    flammable, explosive, volatile substances;

  • Icon blue and orange. Bullet points

    things (objects), which could raise suspicions about their possible connection with the commission of a criminal offence, including money laundering; 

  • poisonous, narcotic or radioactive substances; 

  • any weapons;

  • other things (including objects and substances) that are prohibited from storage or use in accordance with laws and regulations of the Republic of Latvia).

Order a safe deposit box 

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