Secure use of a payment card

Secure use of a payment card

Use your payment card safely 

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Secure online shopping (with 3D Secure/Verified by VISA) 

MasterCard® SecureCode™/Verified by VISA

What is Mastercard SecureCode / Verified by VISA? 

This is an additional security tool for authorizing the use of your payment card during online shopping.How it works?
The Mastercard SecureCode/Verified by VISA security system is based on a secure Internet purchase password of your choice. This is a private password known only to you. It ensures additional cardholder authentication at online shops across the world.

How it works?

Whenever you pay for a purchase or service at an online store, the MasterCard SecureCode/Verified by VISA security system uses a single password — a code generated by Digipass or a password and SMS code generated by the Password+SMS authentication tool. This provides additional authentication of the cardholder in online stores around the world.

How to use it?

With MasterCard SecureCode/Verified by VISA, you can continue shopping online the same way you have until now. The only difference is that after you enter your card details the MasterCard SecureCode/Verified by VISA window will open, prompting you to enter your Digipass code or Password+SMS authentication password and SMS code. After you enter the requested information, your personal authentication is completed, and the purchase will processed within seconds.

What are the benefits?

The retailer does not have access to data exchange between you and the bank.

Your payment card has an additional security feature.

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