Temporary Account

Starting point for registering a foreign company

What we offer

A simple process of registering a new company

  • A Temporary Account is used to hold financial assets as the registered capital of an enterprise

  • The registered capital can be deposited to a Temporary Account in cash or as a wire transfer

  • The service is available for all jurisdictions within the European Economic Area

  • A Temporary Account can be transformed into a Current Account to ensure prompt transition to the full-fledged business activity*

  • After receiving your documents, the Bank will open a Temporary Account and issue a certificate of remittance of the registered capital for the Register of Enterprises within 1-2 hours.

* More information is available with the Bank.
In order to transform a Temporary Account to a Current Account, you have to provide the Bank with additional documents and information.
If the Temporary Account is not transformed into a Current Account, the Bank in accordance with the application of the authorised representative shall reimburse the amounts paid by the founders of the enterprise in the amount in which those were received
. The Bank may withhold applicable fees in accordance with its pricelist.

How to open a Temporary Account

  • Fill in the application and get acquainted with the terms and conditions of the Agreement on Opening a Temporary Account during the establishment of a legal entity

  • Present identification documents 

  • Provide the minutes of the incorporation meeting or the relevant resolution 

  • Pay a fee according to the Bank's pricelist