Basic Account

AS BlueOrange Bank (the bank) provides individuals that are European Union residents (citizens of Latvia, non-citizens of Latvia, citizens of any other European Union member country, European Economic Area member country, or the Swiss Confederation, or a person authorised to reside within Latvia in accordance with the applicable legislation of the Republic of Latvia), as well as persons without a residence permit who may not be deported from Latvia under the applicable legislation, the possibility of opening a settlement account with basic functionality (a Basic Account).

The Basic Account includes:

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    a EUR-denominated settlement account

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    Internet Bank access with one physical Digipass token or a mobile Digipass

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    possibility of making deposits to the Basic Account

  • withdrawal of funds

  • EUR transfers (standard SEPA payments)

  • regular (periodic) transfers

Open a basic account

To open a basic account, come to the bank’s Client Service Centre and fill out the Application for opening and maintaining a Basic Account, confirming that you do not have a settlement account providing Basic Account services, with another credit institution that provides payment services within Latvia.

The opening or maintenance of a Basic Account may be declined or terminated in accordance with the Law on Payment Services and Electronic Money.

You do not have to purchase any other services in order to receive access to a Basic Account.

A decision on opening a Basic Account with the bank may take up to 10 business days after the necessary documents are submitted.

The fee for registering and maintaining your Basic Account and related services is applied in accordance with the valid pricelist.