Are you a sales shark? Is sales your calling? Do you approach life as an exciting opportunity? Are you thrilled by the sensation of energy and accomplishment that comes from closing a deal? Are you bored by the style of work at red, green, orange and purple banks?

Benefits for you:

You can choose where to work! Career in BlueOrange


You can choose where to work! Would you like to work in our offices in Old Riga? Great! You are welcome any time! Amsterdam – why not? Berlin – go on! London – what time is your flight? We are looking for results, not time spent in a particular place.

At BlueOrange we offer medical insurance.

Health Benefits

We offer medical insurance. The longer you work with us the broader your insurance policy coverage will be.

Free bank accounts for you and your relatives in BlueOrange

Free Bank Account

No fee bank accounts for you and your relatives.

With BlueOrange you can use your bonuses to buy shares.

Low cost investment account

You can use your bonuses to buy shares in quality businesses that meet your high standards, and receive advice and mentoring from our team of investment experts. All this at a significant discount to regular commission rates.

Free car for Sales Manager career in BlueOrange

Use of Car

We will be happy to give you access to our car and driver who will bring you to any customer in the Baltic States.

At BlueOrange you are the boss


You are the Boss! We are your partner!

what will you do at BlueOrange
  • Social networking mastery: 

    you enjoy interacting with current and potential clients and are able to communicate persuasively.

  • Languages:

    fluency in English, Latvian and Russian. Additional languages are an additional advantage.

  • Multiplayer or single player:

    Some people thrive in team atmospheres while others prefer to work independently. We encourage you find the best mix possible to reach your full professional potential.

  • Calm under pressure:

    change creates opportunity for those that can slow their heart-beat and focus on seizing opportunity. 

  • Resiliency: 

    we value people that are bold and that do not fear set-backs. 

  • A super-charged ideas engine:

    new ideas are the lifeblood of any successful company and we expect you to help us find new ways of providing the very best products and services to our customers.

Our story:

BlueOrange is a modern, progressive and convenient bank. We do not fear change and embrace and encourage innovation. We strive to be the first to market with new technologies and client focused financial solutions. Our vision is broad, and we are not afraid to experiment. Our mission is to make financial services as easy as possible – whether that means accessing your account with a single touch, by simply looking at your phone.

If you believe that this could be the start of a beautiful relationship, then we would love to arrange for you to come to talk to us at the BlueOrange Club. Our barista will be happy to make you a fine cup of coffee. We want to work with the very best people - and so should you.

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