Safety Precautions for Internet Bank use

When you open the Internet Bank website, confirm that your browser’s address bar correctly specifies the address:

Important: the address must start with ‘https://’!

Please observe the following guidelines when working with the Internet Bank:

- Do not disclose your Internet Bank user name or access password to others;

- Never write down your PIN or identification password and store it with your Digipass digital signature calculator;

- Never select an access password associated with your name, surname or other personal data, as well as the names, surnames or personal data of your close friends and relatives;

- We recommend changing your password every other year, using a combination of digits and letters (both uppercase and lowercase);

- Change your password if you suspect that someone might have discovered it;

- Do not send Internet Bank authentication credentials via e-mail;

- Do not respond to electronic messages allegedly sent by the Bank and requesting your authentication data (e.g. user code, password, access code, PIN, passport data) or other personal data. The Bank will NEVER request this kind of information by mail, e-mail or phone;

- After finishing an Internet Bank session, always click “Log Off” in the upper right corner of the page to conclude the session and leave the Internet Bank;

- Verify that a licensed operating system has been installed on your computer;

- Verify that the antivirus and firewall installed on your computer are licensed and have the latest updates;

- Avoid working with the Internet Bank from suspicious computers (such as a computer without an installed antivirus or firewall) and public computers (such as a computer at an internet café);

- Do not conclude transactions with suspicious parties;

- Verify that personal data are accurate and are not suspicious;

- Monitor your account status and account balance;

- View your operations log to confirm that no activity took place about which you had not been informed.

- A browser should show a padlock icon. This icon confirms the use of a multistage security system using the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol. By clicking the padlock icon, you can view the Internet Bank certificate and verify that the website you are on is actually the BlueOrange Internet Bank.